Limited Edition EP – Record Store Day


February 24th 2015


Ay Muchachos!!

We’re happy to announce that – even if we’re currently taking a break from full-time touring – there’s still new Dinosaur Truckers music being released!

On occasion of this year’s record store day (april 18), our friends over at Trocadero release a 2-track 7″ single containing the song “Fisch Im Maul”. Originally written and performed by the late great Nils Koppruch and his band Fink, it’s gonna be both the first cover song as well as the first German song we’ve ever released!

With the single being part of the project “A Tribute to Nils Koppruch + Fink”, the flip-side contains another Nils Koppruch song, “Mann ohne Schmerzen” performed by Moritz Krämer & Francesco Wilking. Limited edition of 500!

We hope you dig that crazy German rat-at-at-at!!!