July 17th 2015


Hiatus from hiatus!!!

We just uploaded a few show dates in the “Tour” section! See ya on the rooooaaaaaaaad…


Limited Edition EP – Record Store Day


February 24th 2015


Ay Muchachos!!

We’re happy to announce that – even if we’re currently taking a break from full-time touring – there’s still new Dinosaur Truckers music being released!

On occasion of this year’s record store day (april 18), our friends over at Trocadero release a 2-track 7″ single containing the song “Fisch Im Maul”. Originally written and performed by the late great Nils Koppruch and his band Fink, it’s gonna be both the first cover song as well as the first German song we’ve ever released!

With the single being part of the project “A Tribute to Nils Koppruch + Fink”, the flip-side contains another Nils Koppruch song, “Mann ohne Schmerzen” performed by Moritz Krämer & Francesco Wilking. Limited edition of 500!

We hope you dig that crazy German rat-at-at-at!!!

US-Tour starts today!!!


August 14th, 2014: US-Tour starts today!!!

Good morning friends!!!
We’re super excited that we made it over to the USA and are ready to start our first ever US tour TODAY!!!

We just arrived yesterday and already had a bunch of awesome people help us out on so many things… Thanks so much to Jared and Liz from the Urban Pioneers for letting us use their bus (!), Janet from Bad Blood Productions for booking the tour, Maryrose for joining us as our driver and helping out with a shitton of things, Bill for setting up the bus and everyone who has us play at their places!
Tonight we’re gonna be at Donovan’s in Bellows Falls, VT. So come on out if you wanna hear some strange German accent!!!

Spring tour over, first round of summer shows lined up…

May 12th 2014

Good morning!

We wanna thank Derek W. Dunn, Bela B, Smokestack Lightnin’, Miss Peta Devlin and ALL YOU FOLKS WHO CAME OUT to the amazing shows we played over the last six weeks! You all gave us a great time, thanks much!!

After a short rest we’ll hit the road again for some more shows, this time with our friends Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band and James Hunnicutt! Check tourdates in the “tour” section right here on on our facebook page.

Thanks for your support everyone, we’ll see you down the road!!


Tour Trailer March/April

March 22nd 2014

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS! Here comes the beyond epic trailer for our spring tour with Derek W. Dunn, also containing a brand new song:

Hope to see you at a show!!!!


Tourdates March/April

February 20th 2014

Hey folks! Sorry it’s been a while since we posted something here…

But now here we go with our tourdates for March/April when we’re gonna hit the road with Derek W. Dunn:

Fr. 28.03. Heidelberg (DE) – Private Party

Sa 29.03. Rosenheim (DE) – AStA Club

Mo 31.03. Tübingen (DE) – Blauer Salon

Tu 01.04. Nürnberg (DE) – Mata Hari Bar

We 02.04. Regensburg (DE) – Tiki Beat

Th 03.04. Hildesheim (GER) – KuFa Löseke

Fr 04.04. Aalborg (DK) – 1000 Fryd

Sa 05.04. Ribe (DK) – Stenbohus

Mo 07.04. Potsdam (DE) – AStA Uni Potsdam

Tu 08.04. Berlin (DE) – Auster Club

We 09.04. Chemnitz (DE) – Exil

Th 10.04. Magdeburg (DE) – Blue Note

Fr 11.04. Bremen (DE) – Lila Eule

Sa 12.04. Wuppertal (DE) – Wirtschaftswunder

Su 13.04. Eindhoven (NL) – Wilhelmina

Mo 14.04. Espierres (BE) – La Belle Vue

Tu 15.04. Dordrecht (NL) – De Melkbus

We 16.04. Amsterdam (NL) – OT301

Th 17.04. Utrecht (NL) – dB’s

Fr 18.04. Arschot (BE) – Aarschot Rockt! Fest

Sa 19.04. Köln (DE) – Sonic Ballroom

Su 20.04. Waardamme, Oostkamp (BE) – Cowboy Up

Mo 21.04. Brussels (BE) – Magasin 4

Tu 22.04. Hasselt (BE) – Carpe Diem

We 23.04. Liege (BE) – Far West Bar

Th 24.04. Middelburg (NL) – Kaffee ‘t Hof

Fr 25.04. Geel (BE) – Bacchus Cafe

Sa 26.04. Venlo (NL) – Queensday Festival (18:00)

Sa 26.04. Landhorst (NL) – Buitenlust (21:00)

Su 27.04. Paris (FR) – La Mécanique Ondulatoire

Mo 28.04. Binic (FR) – Le Chaland Qui Passe

Tu 29.04. Bordeaux (FR) – Le Bootleg

We 30.04. St. Etienne (FR) – Thunderbird Lounge

Th 01.05. Dijon (FR) – Deep Inside

Fr 02.05. Basel (CH) – Zer alte Schmitti

Hope to meet you on the road!!!


Tour Trailer August / September

August 9th 2013

We just uploaded the trailer for our August / September tour!


Jul 17th 2013: September Tourposter

July 17th 2013

This will be the tourposter for the upcoming September tour, thanks Martin Krusche for the great design!

It can be downloaded HERE