Tour Trailer March/April

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS! Here comes the beyond epic trailer for our spring tour with Derek W. Dunn, also containing a brand new song: Tour Trailer

Hope to meet you down the road!!!!

US tour booking!

Hey everybody, hope all is well!
We’re super stoked that from mid-August till mid-September we will tour the US for the first time ever (east coast/midwest)!! The tour is currently getting booked by Janet at Bad Blood Productions, so if you wanna have us play in your town, club, basement, stadium (haha) or wherever, just shoot a message to
Thanks a lot, we’re so much looking forward to this tour!!!

Tourdates March/April

Hey folks! Sorry it’s been a while since we posted something here…

But now here we go with our tourdates for March/April when we’re gonna hit the road with Derek W. Dunn:

Fr. 28.03. Heidelberg (DE) – Private Party

Sa 29.03. Rosenheim (DE) – AStA Club

Mo 31.03. Tübingen (DE) – Blauer Salon

Tu 01.04. Nürnberg (DE) – Mata Hari Bar

We 02.04. Regensburg (DE) – Tiki Beat

Th 03.04. Hildesheim (GER) – KuFa Löseke

Fr 04.04. Aalborg (DK) – 1000 Fryd

Sa 05.04. Ribe (DK) – Stenbohus

Mo 07.04. Potsdam (DE) – AStA Uni Potsdam

Tu 08.04. Berlin (DE) – Auster Club

We 09.04. Chemnitz (DE) – Exil

Th 10.04. Magdeburg (DE) – Blue Note

Fr 11.04. Bremen (DE) – Lila Eule

Sa 12.04. Wuppertal (DE) – Wirtschaftswunder

Su 13.04. Eindhoven (NL) – Wilhelmina

Mo 14.04. Espierres (BE) – La Belle Vue

Tu 15.04. Dordrecht (NL) – De Melkbus

We 16.04. Amsterdam (NL) – OT301

Th 17.04. Utrecht (NL) – dB’s

Fr 18.04. Arschot (BE) – Aarschot Rockt! Fest

Sa 19.04. Köln (DE) – Sonic Ballroom

Su 20.04. Waardamme, Oostkamp (BE) – Cowboy Up

Mo 21.04. Brussels (BE) – Magasin 4

Tu 22.04. Hasselt (BE) – Carpe Diem

We 23.04. Liege (BE) – Far West Bar

Th 24.04. Middelburg (NL) – Kaffee ‘t Hof

Fr 25.04. Geel (BE) – Bacchus Cafe

Sa 26.04. Venlo (NL) – Queensday Festival (18:00)

Sa 26.04. Landhorst (NL) – Buitenlust (21:00)

Su 27.04. Paris (FR) – La Mécanique Ondulatoire

Mo 28.04. Binic (FR) – Le Chaland Qui Passe

Tu 29.04. Bordeaux (FR) – Le Bootleg

We 30.04. St. Etienne (FR) – Thunderbird Lounge

Th 01.05. Dijon (FR) – Deep Inside

Fr 02.05. Basel (CH) – Zer alte Schmitti

Hope to meet you on the road!!!

Tour Trailer August / September

We just uploaded the trailer for our August / September tour!

More videos watch here!

Jul 17th 2013: September Tourposter

This will be the tourposter for the upcoming September tour, thanks Martin Krusche for the great design!

It can be downloaded HERE